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Holy SH*T!! Welcome to our very first post on The Seelie Crow, a Fantasy culture space dedicated to uplifting voices that might otherwise be ignored. We here at The Seelie Crow are lovers of all things Fantasy, from space adventures to elves and orcs, and we hope to engage with you in the magic from day to day. We’re not just a site, but also a quarterly magazine that we hope you’ll also support!

The Seelie Crow was founded by LaKase Cousino, making this space the first Fantasy site and magazine of its kind created by a Black woman. We’re pretty pumped about that.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. Celebrations of the people who have shaped the genre.
  2. Reviews and deep dives of our favorite Fantasy media. We’re talking movies, TV, books, even music.
  3. Short Stories, poetry, and other original works from readers!
  4. Interviews with people working to make Fantasy more representative of the world that consumes it.

We’re elated to have you along for the ride. Follow along here, on Instagram, Twitter, or our Cous Cous Media YouTube channel for daily content!

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