How To Make The Most Of The Summer Solstice


With the sun at its brightest in the northern hemisphere, here’s how you can seize the season’s power.

The Summer Solstice has long been hailed as a return to warmth, light, abundance, and community. It’s the time of year when young animals are running about and flowers are in bloom. Though we may be irrevocably tied to our phones, it’s still an opportunity for us to push back from our desks and get outdoors to take in the healing energy of the sun!

We’ve compiled a list of ways for you to make the most of the Summer Solstice so that you’ll feel the good vibes for the months to come. 

Stretch It Out

Face your window – or, better yet, get outside – and greet the sun with a good stretch. Our bodies tend to collapse in on us under the strain of work, life, cold weather, and darkness. Like a newborn, your muscles are ready to be unfolded! So take 20 minutes to treat yourself to a little rest and targeted movement. 

Have Some Honey

Go organic if you can and let that natural sugar soothe your spirit. Honey is a restorative and anti- inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant, which means it has the power to really kick-start your body in all the ways you need. Drizzle some on your toast, eat a honey-based dessert, or add a few spoonfuls to tea and see how much better you feel.

Go Pick Wildflowers

This is another nudge from us to get outside! You don’t have to leave your city, neighborhood, or block to do this bit. Just consider wildflowers a blanket term for any flora you can look at or touch. We want you to take in the resilience of nature; notice how amazing it is that without fail the natural world will re-emerge every season to seek out the light. As part of that natural world, we hold the same resilience. 

Tidy Up

You’ve undoubtedly accumulated a little dust and grime on top of the grey sluggishness that dogs us through the cooler seasons, so why not kick it all out the front door? Cleaning is a great way to welcome the light by making room for it in your mind as well as your home. You’ll feel better once you’ve gotten rid of what clutters your home, especially if it’s getting in the way of your peace. 

Spend Time With Those You Love

You can even do it over Zoom! The Summer Solstice has traditionally been a great excuse to have a feast, share a dance, and exchange laughter. Get together with those you care for and greet the new season together. You’ll surely fortify one another for the days to come!


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